Quiet Simplicity

Every now and then I need something softer to clear my head. That’s what this collection is all about, quiet simplicity. Calming neutral colors, like pale blue and green, a peachy pink and sandy gray, brown and yellow.

This actually started with my Hepatica floral design that I did for my ongoing project #30flowersinmystyle. It was bold, dark and colorful. I recolored and changed some small elements of my original Hepatica design and created a collection around it in soft quiet pastel tones.

Shop the ‘Quiet Simplicity’ collection!

This collection is available on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items (curtains, pillows and duvet covers amongst other things) in my Spoonflower shop.

The prints are available in different colors that mix and match. If you prefer a different color or scale for the motifs, please email me with your request.