LemonPattern is created by Petra van der Lem. From my home studio in the western part of the Netherlands I work as a designer, illustrator and artist. I have a background in Interior Design and hold a BA in Art History with a minor in Printmaking & Graphic Techniques.

The name LemonPattern is a play on my last name: lem-on-pattern.

My work is fun, fresh, bold and graphic but can also be dreamy and intuitive. I love clear shapes and bright colors. My favorite color is the rainbow 🙂 I like to be guided by what is happening on the paper or canvas. I have a great eye for detail, enjoy small imperfections and can get excited about the unexpected beautiful oops. 


I create playful patterns and prints full of color that bring happiness and joy. Inspiration is often found in art, objects around my studio or a result of an experiment with materials.

Colors are used to create an atmosphere or to make a statement. I believe color says a lot about a person, the appearance of a company or sets the mood in an interior. 


I want to fill the world with colorful prints that put a smile on your face and make an interior shine.


I believe in creating from a place of happiness, that’s where the magic happens. New work starts as a quick scribble, sketch or a painting in my sketchbook. Elements are scanned in, redrawn or vectorized. Most of my designs are created in Adobe Illustrator a vector-based program that I’ve been using since version 1.5 (I know… I’m almost a million years old). I’m also fluent in Indesign and Photoshop. LemonPattern is part of Catchy Design my graphic design studio. I love doing logo’s and lay-outs. Surface & pattern design is a logical extension of my existing graphic and interior design skills.

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I’m a proud founding member of the Art + Pattern Society, a European collective of artists and pattern designers. We share our knowledge and support each other to bring out our best selves.