About LemonPattern

LemonPattern is created by Petra van der Lem. The name LemonPattern is a play on my last name: lem-on-pattern.

Inspiration is often found in art, objects around my studio or a result of an experiment with materials. I love simple shapes and bold colors. I believe color says a lot about a person, the appearance of a company or sets the mood in an interior.

LemonPattern is part of Catchy Design a graphic design studio based in The Netherlands.

Nine fun facts about me


Will work for cake

Maybe. But you can definitely wake me up for cake and chocolate. Owh and caramel/toffees…


I love color

I’m very fond of bright cheerful colors. My favorite color is the rainbow.


Studio assistant

My studio assistant has 4 paws and takes care of inspiration walks and cuddles. He loves to take a nap.


Great eye for details

I’m obsessed with even numbers and doing everything exactly right. That might take forever. Team slow rules!


When life gives you lemons…

you should make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.


I love to swim

and I love to float. I’m actually a master at floating. My spirit animal is a jellyfish, just go with the flow.


Glass is always half full

I’m a very positive person and looking for the bright side of life. My favorite drink is water (and brut Champagne).


Let’s build a snowman

It is a happy talent to know how to play. Find joy in a beautiful oops, and use the whole box of crayons.


Always look for Rainbows

My favorite kind of colors, the feeling of rain on my face and sunshine make a happy combination.