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Working as a graphic designer for the past 20+ years has brought me a lot of pleasure. But “discovering” surface pattern design has really brought me a lot of joy. I have a background in interior design and have a BA in art history, combining that with my love of color and graphic design I feel that I have come full circle and found my true passion. 

I love to make art and build patterns, but then what?
Do I have enough art to approach companies and where do I find them? 

These were questions I struggled with. I found the answers in Pitch your Portfolio a six module course hosted by Shannon McNab of Sketch Design Repeat. Pitch your Portfolio is a course that shows you step-by-step how to find, connect with, and present your art to companies. It’s geared towards the surface design industry, but I’d consider the information on how to draft your intro emails, set up templates to show your available work, and the brilliant way Shannon organizes her contact search to be valuable for any medium. 

I stumbled on Pitch your Portfolio the first time Shannon launched it. The course brought me so much clarity and confidence. It made me look at my work with fresh eyes and see the potential. Instead of doing and wanting ‘all the things’, I found out what my strengths are, what I need to focus on and what my work would be a good fit for. The best thing I got out of this course is self-confidence + it really helped me organize my portfolio and gave great tips on how to find art directors to contact (lots of a-ha moments). Shannon is such an approachable and enthusiastic teacher and the course has been super helpful. I am an affiliate* for this course, but I wouldn’t be if I didn’t think it was a worthwhile investment.

If you have questions, contact me. I’m happy to help you clarify if this course is for you.

PYP opens for enrollment on Tuesday, April 4 at 6 am EST
and ends at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, April 11.

However, those who are on the waitlist prior to enrollment will have an opportunity to signup for PYP on Monday, April 4.

This is the ONLY time PYP will be offered in 2023. Get in while you can! Last time it filled up in no time. It’s absolutely worth it!

In addition to learning a lot from Shannon, I’ve also made a lot of friends who are doing and going through the same things I am. It’s wonderful to connect with like-minded people, share what we’re struggling with, and also celebrate our victories. I am proud to be a founding member of the PYP community.

Click here to sign up and join me in class and in the PYP community!

* I’m an affiliate for Pitch your Portfolio, which means that if you use the links in this post and choose to sign up for Pitch your Portfolio, I will receive compensation from Shannon – at no additional cost to you.